Scott Petersen, PLLC
Scott Petersen, PLLC

Everything you want and need in a tax compliance and tax consulting

With Scott Petersen, PLLC, we focus on personalized service and attention. And with our low overhead,
we are able to pass those cost savings along to you.

Scott Petersen, PLLC is a Washington Certified Public Accounting firm based out of Seattle area specializing
in helping companies and individuals with their tax compliance, tax consulting and tax return needs.
We understand the big issues of tax compliance, and we’ve handled all types of projects for all types
of companies and industries. Publicly traded entities, large multi-national private companies, small and
mid-size organizations, individuals – you name it, we’ve worked with them all.

Scott Petersen is a Deloitte and Touche veteran, serving as a manger for two of his eight years with the
company. We combine that expertise with the flexibility, pricing and customization that foster long-term
relationships with our clients.

You’ll appreciate the high level of personalized service that working with an independent Washington
CPA firm allows. From onsite consulting to outsourcing solutions, Scott Petersen, PLLC tailors each and
every service to the size and needs of the project at hand.

Call 206-992-2281 or email for efficient solutions for your tax project today.